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Willows Traffic Nightmare

From: domainremoved <David>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 10:02:44 -0800

I attended the Menlo Park Traffic Commission meeting last month and related how I was almost hit on my bike riding home from the Willows Market by a crazed commuter going around me to the right when I was making a left turn. And yes, I had my hand up indicating I was making a left turn.

I reviewed the recent proposed temporary street changes to protect Chester, Durham and O’Keefe from the spike in cut-through traffic caused by the Willow/101 interchange re-work and I don’t think that will address the problem.

Even though Menlo Park installed temporary No Thru Traffic signs, the traffic has not decreased from commuters. They are keenly aware of the short cut that they have been using for years and a temporary sign is not discouraging them. I am afraid that the recent proposed temporary street changes to protect Chester, Durham and O’Keefe will exacerbate the problem because of the continuing cut through traffic and the law abiding citizens adhering to the new plan will result in both cut through traffic and additional traffic on Gilbert resulting in traffic jams as bad as is on Willows currently.

Proposed commercial building at 40 Middlefield.

1) their request for parking reduction of 10 spaces where 22 are required (overflow will park in the already constrained Willow Market lot or on neighborhood streets like Baywood. Let's support Nick & Willow Market and not add to their parking and delivery issues. Let's also support Joanie & Applebee Pre-School to keep her drop/off and pick/up of pre-school age children safe. Let's also support Baywood residents to mitigate added pollution and crowded streets which will make the already dangerous driving conditions worse.

2) the one-way driveway entrance from Middlefield, placed between the Market entry and Woodland, adding a third left turn from Middlefield southbound in the span of less than 50 feet. Absurd!

3) the location of the alley-access parking spots will inevitably encourage people to enter the alley the wrong direction, creating a safety issue for pedestrians, bikes, and other cars using the alley.

Let’s use the lot as green space. Showcase an entrance into Menlo Park just like Palo Alto has done on the adjacent side of Middlefield road. It has green space and a nice sign welcoming people to Palo Alto.

DO NOT add the problems that we already face! This is already much more than just additional traffic in our neighborhood, it is a serious safety issue now. I am extremely lucky I didn’t get hit by the commuter that went around me when I was making a turn on my bike and there are a lot of young children riding their bikes to and from school who do not pay attention. Is it going to take someone getting hurt, before the City Council does the right thing and limit traffic through our neighborhood?

David Emery

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