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The Belle Haven Community needs a Library:

From: domainremoved <Dianne>
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 19:22:46 -0800

The City of Menlo Park has long used the needs and demographics of Eastern
Menlo to acquire monies from the Feds, the State and its local citizens.
And almost as often spent that money on the West of Bayshore communities.
So I am not surprised that the powers that be are now tying in the Belle
Haven library needs with their lust for this new library to replace the
perfectly adequate one on Alma. It is simple. Belle Haven needs a library
with the same hours as the Alma one has and with the same quality of
materials, staffing and services. Anything less continues the
aparthied-like division the MP City Councils over the years have
established and seem determined to maintain.. What kind of city council is
so powerless that it can not determine where donated monies are spent? I
hope this council has the strength to do what it has to know is the right
thing to do. Anything less is the 21 century version institutionalized
racism. This City Council has the opportunity to things right for all the
people in its boundaries. And it shouldn't need all of us writing letters
to remind them of it.
Dianne Otterby
Received on Sun Dec 03 2017 - 19:27:02 PST

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