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Willows Traffic Calming Measures - Careful with Unintended Consequences

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 18:12:00 -0800

Dear City Council Members,

While I am very sympathetic to the traffic crisis facing the Willows
neighborhood, I am very concerned about the unintended consequences that
may follow the implementation of the proposed "short term" traffic calming
measures outlined in the Staff Report for Agenda Item H-1, specifically
those related to Safe Routes.

While traffic alleviation is of utmost importance, the safety of children
traveling to and home from school is even more critical. I am worried that
traffic will be diverted to Gilbert Avenue, Coleman Avenue and Santa Monica
Avenue. Many children travel along Gilbert and Coleman avenues, and Santa
Monica Avenue is one of the only "safe" streets for many to travel to
Middlefield Ave. In addition, Santa Monica Avenue is used by the Fire
District to exit their main station. Adding traffic to these streets could
have very dire consequences.

While I don't have a perfect solution, perhaps police could be directed to
manually direct traffic along Willow Road, especially closer to Hwy 101,
during this construction period's peak hours.Surly all of the traffic
restrictions proposed will already require increased law enforcement
resources. Redirecting them to traffic flow management might be a better
use of resources.

Whatever you decide, please think about this issue as comprehensively as

Thank you,
*Jen Wolosin*
Parents for Safe Routes
Received on Sun Dec 03 2017 - 18:16:17 PST

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