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Library future

From: domainremoved <Sue>
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 00:37:06 -0800

Our current main library is in a great, central location, well-served by
public transit and within easy walking distance of M-A High and of the dense
downtown core. I've checked out over 7000 books from our library over the
past 25 years, and also volunteer with the Friends of the Menlo Park
Library, so I can speak with authority to say, "It ain't broke, so don't fix

The current library building meets the needs of the community, and will
continue to meet the needs of the community for decades to come. There's no
need to build a new library - just update equipment and the collection.


There is a huge amount of space (about 2000 sq. ft.) in the basement
currently being used by the Friends that could be repurposed to other uses.
Right now, the Friends use this space to sell books to generate money to
keep the library open longer hours. If Mr. Arrillaga wants to give the city
money to improve the library, he could underwrite the longer hours, and then
the Friends space could be opened to the public instead of being used to
sort and store books.


If you tear down the library to build housing, then the library would end up
someplace much less central and much less convenient. The books and media
material don't do anyone any good if they can't access them.


Please don't tear down our library.


-Sue Kayton



1854 Doris Drive, Menlo Park
Received on Sun Dec 03 2017 - 00:45:21 PST

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