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road safety suggestions

From: domainremoved <Brett>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 21:44:54 -0800

My name is Brett Degner and I am a 16-year resident of Menlo Park. I
participated in the city council meetings for the sidewalk and bike lane
improvements along Santa Cruz Ave and my family and I are very much
enjoying the results - thank you for that successful project.

I wanted to bring up some road safety suggestions around town:

1. the new stop signs along the Santa Cruz Ave downtown corridor are not as
safe and effective as they could be - some are placed off to the side and
high, very much out of the sight lines of drivers

2. the crosswalks along Santa Cruz Ave between Fremont and Orange would
HUGELY benefit from the “State Law…Yield to Pedestrians” signs (see
attached). I believe 2 of these flanking the middle lane at each crosswalk
would cause cars to slow down and reinforce the right of way of
pedestrians. I have personally witnessed my kids almost getting run over in
those crosswalks even with the lights flashing - multiple times! Sometimes
cars trying to merge onto Santa Cruz Ave from side streets use a
pedestrian-triggered pause break in traffic to roar into the lanes, cutting
in front of pedestrians. I believe the signs could help this behavior as
well. The speed of traffic and crosswalk safety was a hot topic at the city
council sessions for the Santa Cruz Ave sidewalk and bike lane projects -
these have not been addressed.

3. other stop signs around town are placed too high for drivers and bikers,
especially kids! When biking to/from school, some examples occur at the
intersection of Lemon and Stanford Ave. (see attached photo). I noticed the
City of Los Altos addressed this particular problem along school commute
routes with red, reflective stop sign posts that catch the eye of kids. A
great example of this in action is at the intersection of Miramonte Ave and
Covington Rd in Los Altos (see attached photo), servicing both Blach Middle
School and Loyola Elementary.

4. cars picking-up and dropping-off Hillview students along Olive St near
the Santa Cruz Ave intersection is extremely dangerous for students, bikers
and my own kids and neighbors commuting through the area to Oak Knoll
School. I think it would make sense to restrict and enforce no parking
along Olive St during pickup and drop-off hours, exactly the same traffic
safety protocol that occurs around Oak Knoll School everyday.

Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me for further discussion.

Brett Degner

(image/jpeg attachment: crosswalk_yield.jpg)

(image/jpeg attachment: lemon_stanford.jpeg)

(image/jpeg attachment: covington_miramonte.jpeg)

Received on Fri Dec 01 2017 - 21:49:19 PST

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