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El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan Maximum Allowable Development

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 16:47:26 -0800

City Council:

On your agenda for December 5, 2017 is an Information Item regarding the
status of development allowed by the ECR/Downtown Specific Plan. It shows
that with pending and approved projects, the non-residential square footage
would reach 92% of the Maximum Allowable Development ("MAD").

It appears that the Council must act, not just be informed, before any
pending non-residential projects are approved because the actual approvals
have exceeded, or are about to exceed, the threshold at which the Council
is required to decide whether to amend the Plan with appropriate
environmental review or make no changes. That threshold is 80%, yet the
staff report clearly shows that approved and pending projects would
comprise 92% of the maximum allowable non-residential development allowed
under the Plan (77% in 2015) and only 72% of the maximum allowable housing
units (71% in 2015).

As stated in the staff report (page G16 of the Specific Plan):
"After the granting of entitlements or building permits for 80 percent or
more of either the maximum residential units or maximum non-residential
square footage, the Community Development Director will report to the City
Council. The Council would then consider whether it wished to consider
amending the Plan and completing the required environmental review, or the
Council could choose to make no changes in the Plan."

Since the staff report does not indicate that the Council was advised of
the threshold being exceeded, it appears that the issue of retaining the
plan as-is or amending it must be addressed by the Council. The approved
and pending non-residential development of 92% clearly exceeds the 80%
threshold. Additionally, it appears that monitoring the status of the Plan
should be done more frequently than every two years at this point.

Patti Fry
Menlo Park resident and former Planning Commissioner
Received on Fri Dec 01 2017 - 16:52:20 PST

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