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Stanford GUP

From: Henry E. Lawrence <"Henry>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 15:40:19 -0800

Dear Mr. Rader,


My wife Robin and I live on Sharon Oaks Drive with the back of my house on
Sand Hill Road. From 1989 to 2003 there was a slow growth in the traffic
but it was manageable. In 2003 the Stanford Management Company entered into
a contract with the city of Menlo Park to widen the San Fransiquito Creek
bridge on Sand Hill Road and upgrade the intersection of Santa Cruz Avenue
and Sand Hill Road to allow for additional traffic flow.


Since that time the traffic has doubled with a corresponding increase in the
traffic noise. In 2003 I spoke before the Menlo Park City Council and said
that if Stanford was considering rapid development then it should build its
own road connecting the Campus to the Freeway and that this road should be
placed between Alpine Road and Page Mill Road. This condition should be
added to the 2018 Stanford GUP. The Stanford Management Company has
unfairly burdened Menlo Park and this burden is extremely disproportional to
the tax benefit Menlo Park receives since the it has engaged in clever
schemes to avoid paying property taxes leaving Menlo Park residents to make
up the shortfall.


My proposed road would be a 4 lane divided road connecting I 280 (between
Alpine Road and Page Mill Road) with Governor's Avenue adjacent to the
Elliott Program Center. The proposed Road would be built between the
Stanford Golf Driving Range and Lake Lagunita. From I 280 the road would be
placed south of the Reservoir and south of the Carnegie Foundation and the
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. It would then go
either over or under Junipero Serra without connecting to it. The purpose
of the road is not to offer short cuts to Menlo Park or Page Mill Road but
to provide a dedicated road into the campus.


However, there are also some minor road disconnect issues that need
addressing. Governor's Avenue currently has a disconnect between Santa
Teresa Street and Santa Teresa Lane. This disconnect would be have to be
eliminated to allow for continuous traffic flow. Governor's Avenue then dog
ear's to the left into Searsville Road. Searsville Road also has a
disconnect between Los Arboles Avenue and Campus Drive. This disconnect
would be eliminated as well to allow traffic to proceed to Campus Drive.
Once you arrive at Campus Drive you can make a right turn and then make a
left turn on to Welsh Road and drive into the main Medical Complex.


For people wanting to go to the Stanford Shopping Center instead they can
make a right turn on to Campus Drive and then make a left turn to Stock Farm
Road and then make a right turn on Sand Hill Road.


Sincerely yours,

Henry E. Lawrence

2441 Sharon Oaks Drive

Menlo Park, CA 94025-6828

Tel: (650) 854-0365


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Received on Thu Nov 30 2017 - 15:44:42 PST

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