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100 more people signed “Menlo Park City Council: Fix Willows Neighborhood Traffic”

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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 11:35:17 -0600

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Menlo Park City Council: Fix Willows Neighborhood Traffic
Petition by Mid-Peninsula Traffic Working Group · 100 supporters

100 more people signed in the last 2 days
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Manfred Kopisch Menlo Park, CA · Nov 30, 2017
The Willows is a lovely residential neighborhood, where I brought up my kids over the last 20 years. While traffic has always been a concern, the current situation is beyond unbearable. It has become impossible to leave the house by car in the late afternoon/early evening to run errands. Coming home in a car is often impossible as the &quot;last mile&quot; is absolutely congested with cars that have no destination in the Willows. Biking home through this traffic has become more dangerous than ever as some angry drivers get upset about bikes passing them and get very aggressive. This needs to stop and we somehow need to make our neighborhood again the lovely and safe residential area it used to be.

Alan Jones Menlo Park, CA · Nov 30, 2017
fast, dangerous traffic needs to be controlled

Diane Schwalbach SF Bay Area, CA · Nov 29, 2017
I’m signing because my “tax dollars at work” should ensure safe access in and it of my home by emergency services at all times. The needs of residents of Menlo Park should come first when City-wide decisions are made, such as building permits, increased influx of commuters and roadway incursions.

Gwyn Murray Menlo Park, CA · Nov 29, 2017
I am tired of my lovely neighborhood being a thru route for commuters!

Dorian West Menlo Park, CA · Nov 29, 2017
I live on Oak Ct (East side), and can’t get to my street in the evenings due to the solid backup on Woodland from University to Menalto. I have to park blocks away from home and walk, and then retrieve my car later in the evening (to avoid overnight parking tickets).

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