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Menlo Park Homeowner in support of an Independent Elections Commission

From: domainremoved <Nette>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 18:38:21 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council,

My family and I are homeowners in the Belle Haven district of Menlo Park.
As Menlo Park residents we expect the City Council to employ the highest
standards for how and where voting districts will be drawn. We believe that
this can only be assured by an independent commission that has binding
authority, and is free from political bias.

We strongly disagree with the City Attorney's recommendation to enlist an
advisory commission. Our disagreement is based on years of documented,
inequitable distribution of political power and resources across our city.
The governance of the City of Menlo Park *must* be fairly decided upon and
guided by all its citizens and communities. It is common sense that an
independent commission will provide a more fair and balanced view of our
city's communities, and establish an equitable division of voting blocks.
Rest assured that there are ample residents of the Belle Haven neighborhood
who would be qualified, interested in, and able to sit on the City Council
to help better represent the immense, gorgeous diversity of our lovely city.

Thank you for service to our community, and for your commitment to free and
fair elections.

Respectfully yours,

Jeanette M. Worthey
"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams." - Arthur
Nette Worthey
223 Terminal Ave.
Menlo Park CA 94025
Received on Wed Nov 29 2017 - 18:42:42 PST

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