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Chester Street Traffic

From: domainremoved <Birgit>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 02:16:12 +0000 (UTC)

I am providing you with a video of tonight's traffic on Chester Street. With the exception of last Friday night, which was a holiday weekend, we have had to endure this traffic every night since November 7. As I am sitting here, I hear the cars idling in front of my house, I can hear the honking of cars and loud music and I can smell the fumes. This is unbearable. I have lived here for more than 16 years and when I bought this house, this street was very quiet. I NEVER thought I would have to endure HWY 101 type traffic directly in front of my doorstep! The volume of cut thru traffic has increased dramatically over the years and these days, the traffic situation is completely out of control. Every day, Chester between Willow Rd and Arnold gets backed up around 3:15, the second block on Chester gets backed up by 4:30 and the third block around 5. The congestion lasts until 7 or later, so up to 4 hours!! Neighboring streets like Arnold, Laurel, Grayson Ct, Durham and O'Keefe are also affected. 
Every afternoon around 3:15 I pull out my car out of my driveway and park it on the street across from my house facing against the traffic, in preparation for my trips to downtown Menlo Park for appointments, to go grocery shopping or to go to Burgess. I am doing this as it has become impossible to safely push out of my driveway, once the congestion starts. People are disrespectful in not letting you out.  In the last two weeks I nearly had an accident on two separate occasions: once when I tried to pull out of my driveway and someone came down the wrong side of the road at high speed and nearly hit me. Another time, I was turning right from Chester into Laurel to find oncoming traffic on my side of the street!
The return into the Willows is even worse as I now routinely have to park my car up to three blocks away, then walk home with my children and return to my car after 7 pm so that I can park it in my driveway. We routinely have to leave groceries and other items to heavy to carry in the car for multiple hours until I can retrieve the car.
This is a safety and quality of life issue which can not go on like this.
I am requesting the city council to take immediate traffic mitigation measures to protect the residents and keep traffic on the main arterial roads.
Birgit Greschner 

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