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Traffic on woodland

From: domainremoved <Siddharth>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 22:38:30 +0000

Dear City Council,

I love living in the willows and have been there a decade.

A key part of loving the neighborhood is being able to *get* there. And
increasingly, it is becoming unbearable. At rush hour, there are times I
have waited 30+ minutes on woodland to get to our place on Emma lane - The
traffic cutting through woodland to University has become ridiculous. I
paid a premium for the house to to avoid time wasted in traffic. And now
that is all I am doing, albeit on a one lane residential road less that 100
feet from my house rather than a 8 lane freeway.

I look to you as our leaders to help solve this problem. we love our
neighborhood and would like to see sanity restored.

Siddharth Ram
120 Emma Lane Menlo Park
Received on Tue Nov 28 2017 - 14:43:03 PST

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