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traffic Willows

From: domainremoved <Susan>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 10:31:37 -0800

Dear City Council: Thank you for immediately installing the No Thru Traffic signs at entry point to the Willows! I think more measures are needed.

I am particularly concerned about the entry of cars turning right from Middlefield on Woodland and then taking the first left onto Clover Way. They drive across Blackburn onto Marmona without stopping to look for oncoming cars on Blackburn. It’s hard to see from Clover back north back onto Blackburn. But they don’t even try to look. They treat that intersection as if there were no need to stop and see if a car is coming south on Blackburn. They just whiz through without looking. Then they race on down Marmona. I don’t live at this intersection but I have to drive through it to get to my house further down Blackburn. I am really worried about the speeders going through that intersection. I am worried one of them is going to hit me. They don’t seem to realize cars like mine come straight down Blackburn from the left while they’re focused into slanting right onto Marmona. A stop sign on Clover would help drivers recognize that Blackburn is a straight through street. Clover is not.

Thanks for this and any other solutions you can give us. - Susan Bryan, 22 years at 222 Blackburn
Received on Tue Nov 28 2017 - 10:36:08 PST

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