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Safe Willows Streets Petition Drive

From: domainremoved <Dave>
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 22:14:33 -0800

Dear Council Members,

I am a 17+ year resident of the Willows and am writing you to express my
support for the Safe Willows Streets Petition Drive.

I live on Regal Court and I would also like to make sure my voice is heard
regarding the increased traffic issues in the neighborhood.

Here are my suggestions and observations.

1. Signage along Willow Road heading East between Gilbert and 101
continues to be unclear. I recommend multiple, large, clearly marked signs
indicating which lanes to be in for heading north or south on 101 as
drivers approach the 101-Willows interchange.

2. I recommend adding clearly marked "KEEP CLEAR" lines in the
intersections at O'Keefe, Durham, and Chester. Drivers will often misjudge
the available space when heading East on Willow and end up blocking
intersections for cars heading west on Willow Road and turning left into
the Willows.

3. I feel that left turns from OKeefe onto Willow Road heading West should
not be allowed during commute hours. A single car turning left can block
multiple cars trying to turn right to head east on Willow Road.

4. The lights at Gilbert, Durham, Bay, and the two new ones to head north
and south on 101 should be timed to maximize traffic flow on Willow Road
from west to east. This is not currently the case and I believe the single
biggest factor in the backup into the Willows neighborhood.

Finally, I would like to state that the quality of life in the Willows has
deteriorated significantly since the start of this project. Here are just
some of the problems I've observed.

-- Constant beeping and construction noise at all hours of the day and
-- Increased congestion on O'Keefe and Durham, often completely blocking
off the entrance/exit to Regal Court. (I have had to park 3 blocks away
from my house.)
-- Noise pollution from drivers honking, revving engines.
-- Speeding vehicles.
-- Drivers ignoring stop signs.

Thank you for reading this and taking into consideration my suggestions and

David Hoffman
Received on Sun Nov 26 2017 - 22:18:59 PST

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