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Willows traffic

From: domainremoved <David>
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 21:25:44 -0800

Hello Menlo Park City Council,

Thank you for your attention to the current excessive cut through traffic
in the Willows! I was thrilled to see the "No Thru Traffic" signs go up,
and am equally excited about getting speed humps. Once the permanent "No
Thru Traffic" signs go up, I'm happy to submit an internal bug request (I
work at Google) to Waze if Waze doesn't update accordingly right away.

I believe one of the speed humps is slated to be put in directly in front
of my house, which I am in favor of. I have little kids (2 & 4yr old boys)
and on weekday evenings cars come racing past our house on Clover, after
coming through the "Do Not Enter" sign (& island) at Clover and Willow.
I'd much rather that they at least slow down after breaking the law.

The drivers pause before driving around the island past the Do Not Enter
sign, so it's clear they know they're breaking the law, then they speed
down Clover to avoid the backed up Willow traffic.

Any chance of just turning Clover into a cul de sac or a dead end? That
would solve speeding cut through traffic at that entry. The next street,
Blackburn, has a massive drainage ditch at McKendry which slows traffic
down considerably.

I'm hoping to make it to the City Council meetings, but if for some reason
work and kids get in they way, I'm appreciative of the work you're doing to
put in "No Thru Traffic" signs and speed humps on Clover, McKendry, and
Marmona, as well as any other reasonable ways to curtail some of the

How about better timing of the lights on Willow to allow quick afternoon
egress from Menlo Park? Especially the lights at Willow & 101 that seem to
cause some of the jam?

David Belden
108 Clover Ln.
Menlo Park, CA
Received on Sun Nov 26 2017 - 21:30:30 PST

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