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Urge for Traffic Safety in The Willows

From: domainremoved <Tracy>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 18:24:33 -0800

Dear City Council,

I am a resident in the Willows and am writing express my strong concern about traffic safety in our neighborhood. The problem has been made significantly worse by the recent changes at the Willow Road and 101 interchange. I have two school-age kids and live on Central Ave. at Walnut St. I work from home and regularly hear screeching tires and horns in the afternoons as cars speed down Central Ave. trying to cut through to Willow Road East and as cars coming from Walnut don’t make full stops at the stop signs. I’ve seen cars passing others going the same direction on Central Ave., as if this were a highway. Last year, there was a collision at the intersection and a car ended up in my neighbor’s yard across the street. Thank goodness there were no kids out playing at the time.

Further, I pick my son up from Our School (after school care) on Durham and am having to park further and further away and then walk because of all of the traffic waiting to get onto Willow Road. When my son and I try to cross the street to leave, we often have to jump back because cars are going up the left side of Durham — the wrong way — to go around the back-up.
With both of these scenarios, it is only a matter of time before a child or someone else gets hit.

This is not okay. We have been in the Willows for 14 years and moved in because of the great sense of community and approachability of the neighborhood. With the huge and growing problems of cut-through, speeding traffic and traffic jams, it is becoming untenable.

I urge the city council to act immediately on the problem of traffic volume and speeding in our neighborhood to make the Willows’ streets safe. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Tracy Morris
Received on Fri Nov 24 2017 - 18:29:17 PST

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