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California Public Records Act Request

From: domainremoved <Aram>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 22:44:23 -0800

CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RECORDS ACT REQUEST ( made this 23rd day of Nov, 2017)

Hi David Carnahan:

Hope your thanksgiving was a great one.

Pursuant to the California Public Records Act, I am requesting the release of all of the following: video, digital, body-worn camera footage, and any other audio or visual records, re the alleged PAPD dog mauling, of Tajae Murray, that occurred on or about April 7, 2016.

  To assist in locating the above footage
The alleged victim of the dog attack was Tajae Murray. Below I have included links to two articles re this case. In the 1st article, linked to below, a list of all the officers alleged to have been at scene of the dog mauling are named. This information should provide you, and the city, a way to search for all footage related to the incident.

The second linked article, see below, refers to video related to this incident.

Finally, I am aware of the fact that frequently, when CPRA requests are made, for police body-worn camera footage, video of an incident, and other forms of video and audio evidence, the city and police often cite or assert the ongoing investigation exception to the CPRA, Gov’t Code Section 6254 (f), in denying release of said camera footage. I am requesting that the city waive said exception, and release the above materials, for the following reasons:

1. This case involves very serious allegations of extreme police brutality. There is wide public interest in the matter. There is a compelling need to allow public oversight of our police. All of which outweighs the ongoing investigation exception to the CPRA.

2. In addition, at least one of the below articles, suggests that there has never been a serious police investigation in this case. As such, the ongoing investigation exception should not apply.

3. In the William Raff case, 12/25/2015, when William Raff was shot and killed by members of the Palo Alto Police Department, body-worn, or other camera footage, was released to the public, by the PAPD, or the district Attorney’s office, or both, despite an ongoing investigation.

4. As such, there is precedent for releasing police maintained camera footage, despite the ongoing investigation exception to the CPRA. A credible argument can be made, that waiver of the ongoing investigation exception, in the Raff case, acts as a waiver in the current case.

4. The police should not be allowed to release camera footage, when they believe said footage shows their conduct to be justified, and then be allowed to withhold footage, in another controversy police brutality case, where the police fear that the camera footage might show them in an unfavorable light.

4. For all of the above reasons, I am requesting the PAPD waive any and all possible exceptions to the CPRA, and release said footage to the requester, Aram James. In addition, said footage should be released to any other interested members of the public or press.


Aram James



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