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Stanford 2018 GUP comments

From: domainremoved <Alex>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:33:35 -0800

Dear sir/madam:

We have lived in Menlo Park for 50 years, including 10 years in east Menlo and 40 years at our present address on Santa Cruz Ave. near Sand Hill Road. During that time we have watched the traffic volumes grow as development on the Stanford campus has progressed. Access to the campus has become increasingly difficult as more projects are completed. The spillover into our street off SHR and Alpine Road has led to daily backups of traffic in front of our house in the morning rush as schoolchildren compete with the commute through-traffic to reach their destinations. The backup on SHR heading towards the campus is an extended parking lot from about 6-10am. And the story is similar in the opposite direction from 3-7pm. This is the principle reason our street takes on so much volume as drivers attempt to get around the SHR blockage. Oddly, it only worsened when SHR was widened and improved a few years ago to 2 lanes in both directions for most if its length from the shopping center to I-280. Bikers and pedestrians
 have also increased over this time frame but not nearly enough to offset the vehicle traffic. The Stanford and municipal bus systems run more frequently but don’t seem to carry many riders so this hasn’t been effective at stemming the increase in flows. Given the high paced Stanford crowd, it is no wonder they won’t take the time to walk, bike or wait for a bus or train to get where they are going; the cars just keep coming. It is an illusion to expect otherwise.

When I look at what Stanford is planning over the next 17 years, it is clear that we will suffer even further from higher traffic flows. Our ability to access or cross the campus will go from bad to worse as will our access to 280 via either SHR or Alpine at peak times. We have gotten skilled at finding alternative bypass routes, but they are getting scarer. We have a good friend who lived here for years, then moved to Washington, DC. She visited recently after a 20 year hiatus and was appalled about what has happened on campus. The days when we could meander over to the campus for a concert, lecture or just a stroll are long gone. Parking is scarce and now requires payment everywhere on campus. It was once one of the most relaxed open areas around here but has succumbed to the Silicon Valley high growth madness that is diminishing the quality of life for its students, faculty, residents and staff as well as the close neighbors. I think a strategic shift in thinking is needed at the senior level in the Stanf
ord leadership to bring some perspective on the damage you are doing. 17 years from now, we may all regret the impacts of this plan.

Alex and Judith Komoroske
2022 Santa Cruz Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Thu Nov 16 2017 - 16:41:13 PST

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