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Expert Opinion of Dr. Larry Rose (former medical head of Cal/OSHA, 28 yrs) on Millennium Reports on Turf Fields

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Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 12:28:15 -0800

Menlo Park City Council,
As referenced in the prior email, please find below the written opinion of
Dr. Larry Rose, M.D. M.P.H., Occupational/Environmental Medicine, former
Chief of the Medical Unit for CAL/OSHA for 28 years.
Thank you.

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*From:* Larry Rose <larryrosemd_at_(domainremoved)
*Sent:* Wednesday, November 8, 2017 8:24 PM

   This is a fact based review of 1 3 butadiene.
     Any exposure to multiple substances at any concentration regardless of
what regulatory agencies allow would effect the cancer, reproductive, and
endocrine health of people exposed. Any trace amount of 13 butadiene, plus
volatile organic compounds, plus carcinogenic metals, plus endocrine
disruptors creates a toxic brew of concurring substances that could well
be not just additive but multi-plicative in increasing these health risks.
Addressing each individual substance's allowable level of exposure would be
very misleading. This is true of a number of chemicals and health
impacting physical substances. Recent scientific information regarding
endocrine disrupting chemicals has set traditional toxicology on its head
and frequently goes unaddressed in any health risk analysis. The age groups
 and health status of at risk members of exposed populations is of upmost
importance in drawing any conclusions regarding overall probable health

     I have been extensively reviewing the state Office of Environmental
Health Hazard Assessment's in progress field studies to assess the levels
of health hazards from exposures to the various artificial turf users. The
report by by Millennium is deficient in a number of ways. I invite you to
contact OEHHA to review the March 2017 meeting that laid out the very
extensive, thorough, well designed study to scientifically arrive at a
fact based risk assessment by mid 2019. I therefore do not accept the
Millennium study as in any way an acceptable study proving the safety of

     Please feel free to quote me at the meeting and you can print out the
above statement to hand out to the school board. Larry Rose M.D. M.P.H.,
Occupational/Environmental Medicine, former Chief of the Medical Unit of
Cal/OSHA for 28 years.
Received on Wed Nov 15 2017 - 12:32:53 PST

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