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Comments on Bedwell Bayfront Master Plan, Item G-4, 11/14/17 Meeting

From: domainremoved <Allan>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 15:50:17 -0800

Dear Mayor Keith and Fellow City Council Members,

I am a resident of Menlo Park, a member of the Friends of Bedwell Bayfront
Park, a member of the City's Bedwell Bayfront Master Plan Steering
Committee, and also serve as a commissioner on the City's Environmental
Quality Commission. I also run a company that employs Menlo Park residents.

I strongly urge the City Council to approve the draft Master Plan as
approved by the City Parks and Recreation Commission on October 15, 2017.

During the last 10 years, the City Council has been a great advocate of the
Park’s passive-use designation and a protector of the park’s unique open
space environment that exists nowhere else in the City. I thank you for
your leadership and protection of the park, and hope you’ll continue your
legacy tonight.

Having actively participated in the City’s master planning process since
its beginning, we feel that the process has produced an effective master
plan that enables greater access and education for park users while
preserving the park’s passive recreation designation and unique open space

The draft Master Plan says it best: "Bedwell Bayfront Park is a unique
open space." It truly is. With commercial and residential infilling moving
at a rapid pace, open space parks are increasingly hard to find on the
peninsula. As park users commented during the public input process and on
the Park’s Facebook page, people love the park as a way to get away from
the urban environment. The draft Master Plan, as proposed, does exactly
that: it preserves a unique open space park as a place where people can
still get away from it all.

With that in mind, I want to highlight three activities that were
considered during the master plan process, but were rightfully not included
in the draft master plan you’re voting on tonight.


   An off-leash Dog Park

   A model glider area

   A boat launch

I oppose the off-leash dog park, a model glider area, and a boat launch
because they will damage the open space nature of the park and can be
accommodated at other city parks or parks in the region.

All three of these activities are urban park activities and can be
accommodated at the city's urban parks or nearby regional parks.

All the activities, while having a detrimental impact to the unique open
space experience the park offers, will also have a high potential to impact
wildlife as well.

I’m also concerned that the off-leash dog park, glider use, and boat launch
will create safety hazards. With Surf Air now flying planes directly over
the park on final approach to San Carlos Airport, there is a potential for
gliders to hit planes. The boat launch will be an attractive nuisance for
people to get into the slough and then be stranded far away when the tide
goes out. Finally, the dog park can create an opportunity for dogs to fight
and injure each other or their owners.

In addition, the extensive public input process conducted by the city
indicates that the public is opposed to both the dog park and glider usage.

I urge the City Council to approve the draft Master Plan as it is currently

Thank you for your consideration of my comments.


Allan Bedwell

15 Nancy Way

Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Nov 14 2017 - 15:55:12 PST

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