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Menlo Park Lobbyist

From: domainremoved <Jason>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 14:42:30 -0800

Dear City Council Members,

I was profoundly surprised to hear the discussion about potentially hiring
Bryan Lanza, a lobbyist with connections to the Trump Campaign AND Citizens

As a former (Republican) congressional staffer, I understand that lobbying
ties can be complicated … and that we want our interest to be represented
well in DC.

But knowing his hisotry and public statements, it’s clear that his values
are antithetical to the values of most Menlo Park residents. And it’s also
hard to imagine that he’ll well represrnt interest that are so divergent
from his own.

Please DO NOT move forward with Staff's recommendation to contact with


Jason Primuth

Menlo Park Resident
Received on Wed Nov 08 2017 - 14:47:17 PST

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