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Bryan Lanza

From: domainremoved <Loni>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2017 14:46:26 -0800

Dear City Council Members,


Color me repulsed and appalled upon receiving the news that Bryan Lanza - a
Trump surrogate - a Citizens United cohort - is under consideration to be on
the City's payroll for lobbying purposes.


Yes, we have matters concerning our roadways and infrastructure which need
the financial resources to address. but to embrace and employ someone who
has embraced the lowest of the low in order to 'hopefully' give forward
movement our needs could not be a more ill-advised notion. There are zero
guarantees that our projects would even be considered, as the 'individual in
the White House' seeks only to advance his own personal, financial agenda -
and that of his foreign ties. It's no secret: the POTUS hates California and
has zero interest in making improvements to this state. We are not his
'target audience,' in case you haven't noticed.


There are much better uses for whatever taxpayer money would line this
lobbyist's pockets.


Washington DC is not business as usual. Not anymore. We are in the fight of
our lives to preserve our nation's democracy - to protect the rights of ALL,
regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. We have a narcissistic
sociopath in charge, put in place via a gerrymandered system. To believe
under any circumstances that our needs in Menlo Park would be taken under
serious consideration by this man and his fragmented administration/party is
the most ridiculous thing I've heard since he was elected POTUS.


As I work in the music and entertainment industries, I do know people who
know this POTUS personally - who have been fleeced by him, and who have been
stalked and sexually propositioned by him. As investigations and
indictments WILL ramp up, now is NOT the time to attempt to do any sort of
lobbying or negotiating in DC. This is most definitely a lame duck
presidency - and this will not change.


Menlo Park needs to stay as far away as possible OUT of this circle of
corruption. The roads and infrastructure can wait - and perhaps a better
use of your time would be to approach the primary offenders creating our
gridlock: Facebook/Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg has no problem opening up his
wallet to give funds to causes and organizations outside of our logistics.
Perhaps an encouraging word that 'charity begins at home' might be an
approach to take with him.



Loni Reeder (BMI/NARAS)

331 Menlo Oaks Drive

Menlo Park, CA 94025-2343


408/594.3312 - mobile

www.lonireeder.com <http://www.lonireeder.com/>


(image/png attachment: image002.png)

Received on Mon Nov 06 2017 - 14:51:07 PST

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