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Mercury Lobbying/Bryan Lanza

From: domainremoved <Wolfe>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2017 00:47:33 -0700

Dear council members,

I've recently learned that the city is planning on hiring Mercury Public
Affairs as a lobbyist, working with a Mr. Bryan Lanza in particular. As a
strategic move, it's very troubling to be hiring a firm that is being
pulled in to the legal problems surrounding the Trump campaign and Paul
Manafort (
As more and more members of Trump's campaign get looped into the
investigation, it seems like we'd be better off with less preoccupied

I don't feel like Mercury or Mr. Lanza really represent what Menlo Park is,
and this seems like a step towards misrepresenting the voters and citizens
of the city. I realize that some kind of representation may feel necessary
in Washington DC, but this feels like a step too far to attempt to buy

I understand that I may be late to this discussion, but I urge the council
to consider other options. Honestly, I suspect that the Trump
administration may very well ignore the city's lobbying as punishment for
our county's voting record, and that this money will be spent in vain. But
if lobbying is seen as an absolute necessity, please at least find a firm
that isn't already dealing with subpoenas in a criminal investigation.


Wolfe Gleitsman
824 Fremont Street
Received on Sat Nov 04 2017 - 00:52:13 PDT

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