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Request for Reconsideration – 2131 Sand Hill Road project

From: domainremoved <Cat>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2017 11:11:55 -0700

Mayor Keith,

Please consider this email my formal request to place reconsideration of the adoption of the ordinance to approve the 2131 Sand Hill Road property development on the agenda for the November 7th council meeting.

This request is for reconsideration of the development approval only, and is based on the fact that the Council did not have the information regarding Stanford’s proposed project for a 155,000 square foot academic building in the Quarry Road development area along with a large parking structure before it when it considered this project. I am concerned that the traffic implications of the construction of this building will have adverse traffic impacts on the Sand Hill Road corridor, the El Camino Real corridor and other streets in the City of Menlo Park and that our decision might have been different had all relevant information been available to us when we considered Stanford’s application for pre-zoning, etc., for the 2131 Sand Hill Road project.

It is my understanding that if the council votes to reconsider the matter on the 7th, then the actual reconsideration with a staff report will be placed on the agenda for the November 14th meeting. I request that the traffic implications of the Quarry Road project and all relevant information about that project please be available for the Council’s actual reconsideration of our prior action as part of the report for the November 14th meeting.
Many thanks,

Received on Tue Oct 31 2017 - 11:16:40 PDT

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