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Turner Outdoorsman Puts Our Community At Risk

From: domainremoved <Jessica>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2017 03:28:36 +0000

Dear Mayor Gracilli and City Council Members of San Carlos,

I am a resident of Menlo Park with three young children. Though San Carlos
is not my community, I consider the Peninsula one community. It's come to
my attention that Turner's Outdoorsman, a gun store that sells ammunition,
guns and semi-automatic weapons is coming to San Carlos.

That San Carlos has not put a moratorium on gun stores is deeply
disturbing. Nearly 500 people were shot in Las Vegas this month. Gun deaths
are up 12 percent in 2017. As of August 29, 2017 there were been over
10,000 gun deaths in the US. This year alone there have been 51,000 gun
violence incidents. <http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/>

If you care about protecting the citizens of our collective community, you
cannot in good conscience allow a second gun shop in San Carlos. Research
shows that with more guns comes more gun violence.
may also interest you to know that in the twenty years since Australia
enacted gun reform, there has not been a single mass shooting.

We may not be able to change the laws nationwide, but we can protect our
community and the children who live in them from wanton violence and access
to weaponry that exceeds anyone's definition of sport.

Take a page out of San Francisco's book and instead consider a total ban on
the manufacture, sale, transfer or distribution of firearms or ammunition
and the possession of a handgun.


Jessica Taylor
Menlo Park
Received on Mon Oct 30 2017 - 20:33:28 PDT

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