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Special Meeting Request - Tuesday, October 24th, or Wednesday, October 25th

From: domainremoved <Ray>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 11:09:08 -0700

Dear Mayor Keith and City Manager McIntyre:

This email is to request a special meeting of the Menlo Park City Council
on either Tuesday, October 24th or Wednesday, October 25th of this week.

Good cause exist for the special meeting.

On Thursday, October 26th, the Santa Clara County Planning Commission will
be considering an amendment to the 2000 Stanford University General Use
Permit, for:

"the redistribution of 115,000 square feet (sq. ft.) from the East Campus
District to the Quarry District of the Stanford 2000 GUP, for the purpose
of constructing a Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) facility, a new
approximately 155,000 sq. ft. (153,821 sq. ft. per Stanford GUP
calculations) 4 story building with 3 levels of underground parking
(approximately 290,000 sq. ft.). This building will predominantly be an
office and administrative building to house School of Medicine faculty and
their associated administrative staff; with ancillary café and fitness
center. The proposed underground parking will include 585 new parking


(See http://sccgov.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.aspx?ID=8610)

The redistribution of 115,000 square footage and 585 space parking spaces,
approved in the 2000 Stanford General Use Permit, from the East Campus
District to Quarry District arguably will add traffic to Sand Hill Road
corridor, affecting Menlo Park.

I learned of this project on the late afternoon of Friday, October 20th.
Thereafter, I contacted representatives of Stanford University to inquire
whether any notice of the project had been given to the City of Menlo Park.
Attachment G to the Santa Clara County Planning Commission noted comments
from the City of Palo Alto. Notice to the City of Menlo Park could not be
confirmed, although I was informed an investigation would take place
whether such notice had occurred. An inquiry with Menlo Park City Manager
confirmed he was also unaware of the project, although he would conduct a
further investigation regarding whether any notice had occurred.

The project in question was not disclosed to Council during our recent
discussions with representatives from Stanford University regarding the
development of 2111-2121 Sand Hill Road and 500 El Camino Real.

Good cause exists for a Special Meeting, so the Menlo Park City Council can
determine what next steps, if any, the City may wish to take, including but
not limited to sending a City representative to the Santa Clara County
Planning Commission meeting with comments approved by the Menlo Park City
Council, in light of discovery of this development.

Please do not respond substantively to this email for purposes of the Brown

With best regards,
Ray Mueller

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