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Valpariso Hill

From: domainremoved <Lauren>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 12:08:21 -0700

Council members,

I have driven up and down Valparaiso hill around three to four times day for the past five years and have concerns about the safety of the road. Driving up, there is a sharp turn to the right and because of the trees it is hard to see cars coming down. Many cars coming down move to the middle of the road and into the oncoming traffic lane around these sharp turns and it is also hard to see cars coming the opposite direction because of trees. The amount of times on this hill an oncoming car has almost hit my car because they were in my lane is crazy! Plus, so many bikers and walkers go in the road rather than use the actual paths. With so many sharp turns, pedestrians (including school children from La Entrada and Phillips Brookes) this is dangerous road to drive on. In addition, it is almost impossible for cops to give speeding tickets on the hill itself so a lot of cars speed which is even more dangerous. I believe that a few simple improvements would help. Paved sidewalks next to the road, a bike lane, mor
e street lights, wider lanes from pushing back the curb, and more maintenance on the tree branches to increase visibility would help make this so much safer. Thank you!
Received on Thu Oct 19 2017 - 12:13:19 PDT

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