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We Need More Trees

From: domainremoved <Lucinda>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 12:23:56 -0700

Dear Mayor and City Council,
        In this town, I believe that we need more trees for a number of reasons
One reason is that it protects our environment. You may want to help
the environment and the fires everywhere. Well, a start is to improve
the air quality with some trees.
        Another reason is that we all depend on them. Animals and humans
alike. Animals need them to have shelter and food. We need them for
air and a lot of other things.
        A last reason is that we enjoy having them around. We like to climb
them but something that I really enjoy is when I go to Michigan, there
is a lot of trees so my family usually goes for a walk in a huge grass
field and it is my favorite part of the trip. I really do think that
other kids like me should be able to do that too and if not walk in a
grass field for hours, then let them walk in the green light of the

Lucy Higgins from the Hillview environmental club
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Received on Wed Oct 18 2017 - 12:30:29 PDT

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