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Planting trees

From: domainremoved <Danielle>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 12:14:26 -0700

Dear City council,
                              I am part of the Hillview Middle School
environmental club. I believe Menlo Park would benefit from more trees.
Trees help improve air quality, give animals places to live, and trap in
dust, smoke, and pollen.

Trees help improve air quality. They take in carbon dioxide. A healthy tree
takes in around 13 lbs of carbon dioxide a year. According to the U.S.
Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, the average
American drives *13,476 miles *a year. People in Menlo Park drive very
often. This shows just how many trees we need.

Trees also give animals places to live. Many different species live in
trees. Birds, squirrels, and many other animals live in and use trees. Even
people enjoy sitting under the shade and climbing trees.

Trees also trap in dust, smoke and pollen. Especially with all these fires
we need trees to take in all the smoke in the air. Also it might help with
people with allergies. Trees help with many things.

Dani Jacobs

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Received on Wed Oct 18 2017 - 12:19:23 PDT

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