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Oak Grove Bike Route - Thank you!

From: domainremoved <Sara>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 22:18:35 -0700

Hello MP City Council,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the newly designated
Bike route down Oak Grove from Middlefield to Crane Street. We live on
Gilbert and Santa Monica and our son bikes to Hillview down this route
regularly to and from school.

The nice wide width of Oak Grove from Middlefield to El Camino with the
designated lanes gives both children and cars ample room. And as the
streets narrow from El Camino to Crane, the designated green lane with the
poles keeps the kids protected (and the cars from illegally passing on the
right into the bike lane). While I've been inconvenienced in the car
myself a few times using that road, the safety of the kids and bikers, in
general, is far more important than my several seconds of delay.

It's so much safer than Valparaiso, which aside from being another block
out of the way (and to a 6th grader, that's far!) but I've seen far too
many kids doubling up in those bike lanes and cars constantly passing in
the bike lanes on that road to feel that it's a safe route for kids.

Thank you again to the city for helping our children get to school safely!


​ & Eric Filipek​
Received on Mon Oct 16 2017 - 22:23:34 PDT

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