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Tree Worker Suit

From: domainremoved <Tim>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 09:42:33 -0700


Thrilled to read this morning the city has a pending law suit from an
arborist who worked for the city in 2015.

Interestingly I had a discussion with the current city arborist, Christian,
the previous public workers manager, Jesse, and copied the city attorney
who never weighed in on the conversation.

Happy to forward to any one who cares to read the email exchange.

The tree trimming in our neighborhood of Suburban Park was a very dangerous
situation in 2015.

Branches were being dropped from 40 ft. over head with no one on the ground
watching to make sure a child didn't run under the area. Branches were
dropped on private property and workers entered private property and drove
their truck and chipper on private property.

No one wanted to take responsibility then, and it looks like the work
practices of the tree trimming crews were even worse given the reports in
the paper.

The public works manager stated that city workers could enter private
property because they left a door hanger saying don't park under the trees.
This statement is completely false. The contract the city has signed does
not name individual property owners as additional insured and the city
contractor has zero right to enter private property.

No surprise this law suit is happening given the poor management of this
department and dangerous work practices. Many neighbors at that time
commented on the Nextdoor blog about the workmanship.

Once again another city department run amuck, lets give them all raises and
sweep this under the table, or a novel idea maybe the city should actually
represent its residents and protect their interests.

Anyone on the council care to stand up and clean up this department???

Tim Yaeger
387 Hedge Road

Nice picture of the chipping equipment on a residents front lawn, not city
right of way clearly and clearly no need to drive on someones lawn. 5/25/15
Received on Thu Oct 12 2017 - 09:47:37 PDT

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