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No new Library

From: domainremoved <Dana>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 19:12:35 -0700

I second Jen Wolosin's comments and opinions regarding changing the allocation of funds from a new Menlo Park library, to a more urgent need in our area. Our library is lovely. It works well. I visit once a week and have NEVER seen it crowded nor had a negative experience.

There are bigger and more urgent problems in the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park, and in particular the Ravenswood School District.
Ravenswood 8th grade graduates will attend Menlo Atherton High School with Menlo Park SD grads. However, Ravenswood SD kids will have had about 15% of the number of science labs as Hillview grads. Not fair. They are not entering MA on a level academic playing field.

Ravenswood SD schools need new roofs, more aides, more science, and better paid teachers, amongst many many other needs.
In 2016, 30%-50% of the Ravenswood School District families qualified as homeless. Approximately 95% of the kids are fed breakfast, lunch, and snacks at school.

Remind me why Menlo Park needs a new library?
Dana Shields
Received on Tue Oct 10 2017 - 19:17:42 PDT

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