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Main library project

From: domainremoved <Max>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 15:05:29 -0700

Add me to the list of residents that are uncomfortable with the idea of committing resources to a major project based purely on the monetary contribution of a single citizen, as generous as it may be.

From a democratic process standpoint, if we let our wealthiest citizens determine our city's priorities, merely by dangling money, where does that leave the majority of interested citizens? Essentially disenfranchised.

Not to mention the disenfranchised residents of the Belle Haven neighborhood, who not only have to suffer without representation on the council, but now see their priorities pushed to the back, yet again.

Frankly, I don’t think the city should accept this gift unless it comes with no strings attached. Mr. Arrillaga is not the dictator, or even the mayor. If he wants to help the community, he should accept the community's priorities as determined through normal democratic processes, and not insist on his personal whim. Otherwise, he is welcome to go build his own $10 million monument to himself without the addition of millions of dollars of city money and staff resources.


Mark V. Heim
184 San Andreas Drive
Menlo Park
Received on Tue Oct 10 2017 - 15:10:40 PDT

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