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Grade Separation/City Council Meeting 10/10/17

From: domainremoved <Allison>
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2017 20:36:01 -0700

Dear Council Members,

In preparation for tomorrow evening's meeting, we wanted to reach out one
last time with our thoughts and concerns regarding the grade separation. As
the Owner and Managing Director of AXIS Personal Trainers, our business is
one of the most potentially impacted with either alternative. We are also
extremely familiar with the intersections of Ravenswood and Alma, as well
as Oak Grove and Alma, as we have been at this location for over 21 years.
We want what is best for our business, but also what is best for the
community, now and in the future. Having been part of this community for so
long, we want to continue to have a thriving business in Menlo Park and we
want to encourage you to consider the best long term solution.

Of the two alternatives, we strongly favor Alternative C and hope the
Council will consider all of the reasons that this is the preferred
alternative. Not only would Alternative A leave our business with limited,
access, looking at the bigger picture, it would cut off accessibility
between Alma and Ravenwood, therefore limiting access to the library,
Burgess Park, the rec center, etc. This would drastically increase the
amount of traffic at Oak Grove as everyone trying to reach that part of the
city from El Camino, would have to go to Oak Grove. That intersection as it
is right now, is at times, scary. This will make it much worse if that's
the only way to and from that area. We hope you will consider that
Alternative A is only a band-aid that will create more traffic flow
problems, and potentially more dangerous intersections in other parts of
the city. Alternative C will improve safety for cars, pedestrians, and
bicyclists, throughout the City. This is a decision that will impact our
community for years to come. We hope you will agree that this is the best
long-term for our City of Menlo Park.

Thank you,

Scott Norton, Owner, AXIS Personal Trainers
Allison Allen, Managing Director, AXIS Personal Trainers
Received on Mon Oct 09 2017 - 20:41:09 PDT

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