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My input for Public Comment at 4oct2017 meeting

From: domainremoved <Stephan>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 15:01:32 -0700

Dear Council,
   I left some notes I intended to speak from last night at the Public
Comment period of the City Council Special meeting. Unfortunately the
agenda was specific that "only items on the agenda could be addressed." I
was surprised to see the recording just now where Mayor Keith announced
Public Comment for things "NOT on the agenda" and called my name. Sorry I
missed the opportunity to address you on the Grade Separations. My
viewpoint has not changed: I support an Alt A type separation built WITHOUT
a Shoofly track. Since that's no longer an option due to Council's
decision, I am disengaging from this topic.
   My handout shows my guess as to where the Shoofly track passes at the
various cross streets and the fact road clearance during part of the
construction phase at both Ravenswood and at Oak Grove is approximately 10
feet minus the thickness of the temp bridge underneath the Shoofly. At
Glenwood this is about 12 feet minus the thickness of the temp bridge. I
don't think this is enough clearance for an ambulance, so consider it
unwise in the extreme. But the consultants should be a able to provide
exact measurements and time frames for this situation.
   So we the public have received assurances that there are not limits in
vehicle clearance or pedestrian/bike access. This is true looking at
either the BEFORE picture or the AFTER picture of this project.
Unfortunately this is NOT true in the DURING CONSTRUCTION picture.
  If you change your decision and add an alternative A without a Shoofly, I
am happy to help in any way I can.

   Sincerely, Steve Van Pelt, a resident of Menlo Park
Received on Thu Oct 05 2017 - 15:06:44 PDT

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