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Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study Comments

From: domainremoved <Belle>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 21:04:02 -0700

Dear Ms. Reggiardo,

Belle Haven Action is a resident-led community organization based in Menlo
Park. The Belle Haven neighborhood houses approximately 20% of Menlo Park’s
current residents. At Belle Haven Action, we believe neighborhood residents
are aware of their most pressing needs and have valuable ideas about ways
to solve them. We work to amplify the voices of the most vulnerable members
of our community and encourage civic engagement.

The Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study is an opportunity to help
positively shape a key part of the Peninsula which currently faces
tremendous pressures. Traffic congestion, lack of housing availability and
affordability, limited access to frequent and convenient transit systems,
and challenges to income mobility for residents who are working in moderate
to low income jobs are just some of the daily facts of life for residents.
Some of the neighborhoods along the corridor, including Belle Haven, are
recovering from decades of disenfranchisement and lack of investment from
the city, county and state in place and people. Making significant changes
to the Dumbarton Corridor has the ability to lessen some of those pressures
and make a positive impact on the daily lives of residents and commuters.

Overall, we welcome a new direction in a more equitable transportation
policy and the infrastructure improvements to the corridor, especially ones
that focuses on multimodal transit solutions which would reduce regional
traffic that comes right through our community on Chilco Ave, Hamilton Ave,
Ivy Drive, Newbridge, and Willow Road.

We do have comments and concerns that we would like to raise and speak
further with you about:

• Transit Connections - We are supportive of a multi use corridor that is
public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Ideally, we would
like to see significantly improved connections made to Caltrain, BART and
the Capital Corridor so that the coordinated service is frequent, reliable
and pleasant to use. Our preference is to restrict traffic on the new
corridor to light rail and pedestrian/bike access, restricting vehicular
traffic to existing roads, specifically limited expressways like Bayfront.

• Flyovers - We are concerned that flyovers and express lanes will create
more demand for car travel, thereby increasing commute times and by
extension, making more noise and air pollution. In particular, we are
concerned that traffic will exacerbate existing public transit ridership
challenges because current reliability is dependent on traffic. We are are
also concerned that flyovers might generate lower property values with the
necessary infrastructure and blight as we have observed homeless
encampments under flyovers in other communities.


   Additional Access to South 101 - Many of the commuters who cross the
   Dumbarton Bridge daily are headed to cities south of our community.
   Historically, policies in the region have pushed commute traffic to and
   from the Dumbarton Bridge onto Willow and Marsh Road in Menlo Park and
   University Avenue in East Palo Alto. While it may not be politically
   feasible, we would like the study to consider all options for access,
   including access via Palo Alto.

We are eager to see changes to the Dumbarton Corridor that will make it
safer and more pleasant for all to live, work and play in Menlo Park and
the surrounding towns. Our community, at the edge of the Dumbarton
Bridge, is at the epicenter of upcoming growth and development and is
poised to experience increased challenges with the promise of a growing
economy. Steps to alleviate pressures facing our community-- a community
that has disproportionately carried the burden of past transportation
decisions-- would have a direct improvement on our quality of life,
provided that our concerns are addressed.

Given that improvements to the Dumbarton Corridor provide a valuable
opportunity to alleviate significant daily transit, mobility and
environmental pressures for hundreds of thousands of Bay Area residents, we
welcome a continued conversation with SamTrans and other stakeholders to
explore this further.

Thank you.


Cecilia Taylor, Founder

Belle Haven Action
Received on Sat Sep 30 2017 - 21:09:21 PDT

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