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Stanford Middle Plaza - Please negotiate a bettter deal for the City of Menlo Park and its people

From: domainremoved <Nicola>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 15:47:30 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council,

As a resident, a homeowner and a parent, I would like to ask You to
reconsider and renegotiate the terms of the deal regarding the El Camino
Stanford Development.

As proposed by Stanford, the current Agreement:

   - does *not* meet Stanford's own traffic reduction and monitoring
   standards in Santa Clara county; why should the City of Menlo Park accept
   any less than that?
   - does *not* meet Stanford's own environmental sustainability standards
   on campus; again, why should the City of Menlo Park accept a higher impact
   than what Stanford is willing to accept on its own campus?
   - is *not* in line with comparable payments that other universities
   across the country use to compensate their host cities. Harvard provides
   $4.5 million per year to the City of Cambridge; Yale pays $7.5M to New
   Haven per year. The current Stanford proposal of $100K per year to the City
   to offset the impact to local public schools is laughable and absolutely
   unfair to the residents of Menlo Park. We would be left footing the bill of
   increased infrastructure costs (fire, police, traffic, etc.), while
   Stanford reaps the monetary benefits of their development.

It frankly doesn't take much to see through what Stanford wants to achieve:
a beautiful and "green" campus to entice their wealthy students and donors,
while pushing high density developments, with their heavy urbanization
impact, on the City of Menlo Park. Adding offense to injury, it's clear
that Stanford wants us to pay for it!

Please protect the future of our community and our children, and
renegotiate a deal that is more equitable for the City of Menlo Park and
its residents,

Best Regards,

Nicola Diolaiti

Nicola Diolaiti
147 East Creek Dr.
Menlo Park, CA
Received on Tue Sep 26 2017 - 16:19:41 PDT

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