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Menlo Park needs to continue negotiating with Stanford on many points

From: domainremoved <Judy>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 09:52:44 -0700

Dear Mayor and Menlo Park City Council,

The Middle Plaza project will bring huge traffic issues to the already
heavy traffic at peak times on El Camino, dangerous crossings for
pedestrians and bikes, and will bring in lower tax revenues for many
purposes, including financing low-income (not just below market rate)
housing and funds for homeless shelter and social service programs. Please
negotiate a better deal on behalf of Menlo Park residents.

I am in agreement with the following comments:

Stanford's Current Proposed Agreement:

- does not meet Stanford's own traffic reduction and monitoring standards
in Santa Clara county

- does not meet Stanford's own environmental sustainability standards on

- does not meet standard payments in lieu of taxes of universities their
host cities. (mentioned above) - for example, Harvard provides $4.5 million
per year to the City of Cambridge. Yale pays $7.5M to New Haven per year.
Currently Stanford only proposes to provide $100K per year to the City to
offset the impact to local public schools) )

Stanford's agreement with our city should meet or exceed the above

Judy Adams

Menlo Park homeowner since 1982
Received on Tue Sep 26 2017 - 12:41:22 PDT

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