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Dumbarton Corridor Study Comments

From: domainremoved <Nina>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 08:54:33 -0700

Thanks for organizing and speaking at last night’s meeting.

While I can’t speak for everybody there, my priorities, and my sense of the room, are these:
We will support a plan that brings us specific local benefits. We will not support a plan in which we are sacrificed for a common good that doesn’t include the people who live in our neighborhood.
People around here want clean, reliable, electrified trains that will take us where we want to go (as well as bringing in commuters from outside). We also want the railroad right of way used for bike and pedestrian paths. Bike rentals at train stations would enhance use of bike paths by commuters. If you have to choose between buses and bikes beside the railroad tracks, bikes will garner a lot more good will.
Nobody wants freight trains. $250K to buy out Union Pacific is chump change compared to the projected cost of even the stripped down version of the project and would increase public support.
We don’t want commuter busses going through our neighborhood. We don’t want more busses on Chilco either. I know this because we already have a problem with the privately owned Facebook busses blocking Chilco. We need to be able to get in and out of Belle Haven. This especially applies to emergency vehicles, which come out of the fire station on Chilco near Terminal.
If you want support for (clean, quiet, electric) busses that will serve the neighborhood as well as commuters, the way to make that popular begins with finding money for bus shelters at multiple bus stops in Belle Haven and convincing the relevant people to actually build them. This has been an issue, and a source of broken promises, for decades.
We don’t want flyovers on top of or pressing up behind our houses and parks, blocking air and light, even if the vehicles on them are quiet and electrified. If you want public support for flyovers, you need to find places to put them that will avoid residential areas. We have no problems with dedicated bus lanes on Bayfront, and would probably have no problem with a flyover along Bayfront either.
That’s what I heard last night and what I hope you heard too.

Nina G. Wouk
650-906-1779 (cell)
415-276-2087 (fax)
Received on Tue Sep 26 2017 - 09:13:08 PDT

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