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Feedback on Oak Grove and University bike lanes

From: domainremoved <Assistant>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 12:47:45 -0700



I'm writing to let you know that the bike lanes on Oak Grove from El Camino
to Middlefield and Santa Cruz Ave WITHOUT CARS PARKED ON THE STREET is a
GREAT improvement. It gives people more room to bike and have space between
the bike lanes and the cars zooming down the streets. Also great on
University from Middle to Live Oak because no cars are parked on the street.
Now we just need to get remove the parking all the way from from Middle to
Santa Cruz!!! Live Oak to Santa Cruz is the worst/most dangerous part on
University. Also need to remove the parking on ALL OF OAK GROVE SO KIDS CAN
FEEL MORE SAFE BIKING!! Don't listen to the constantly complaining downtown
merchants!! They are never happy. I recently purchased an electric bicycle
as my main commute vehicle because I was so sick of sitting in traffic to go
2-5 miles. We live in a FLAT city with GREATEST WEATHER! We should encourage
more people to ditch their cars and RIDE A BIKE! I LOVE it! IT was the best
thing I've done in a long time. Plus lost a few lbs since I'm moving my body
and not sitting on my but in my car in traffic. Stop wasting money on
designing and redesigning parking lots for downtown!! We need to encourage
people to walk or ride their bike!!! If I had my way Santa Cruz from
University to El Camino would be closed to all cars to encourage more of a
community hang out area. How many more old people need to put their foot on
the gas instead of break and pin kids to the walls downtown before you
remove the cars?

Use that money for a new Library since Arillaga will pay for majority of
costs, make more overpasses for bicycles to go cross El Camino safely!!!!

Lets make Menlo Park the BIKE CITY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!


Thank you,


Received on Mon Sep 25 2017 - 12:53:39 PDT

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