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railroad tracks

From: domainremoved <Bart>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 16:11:06 -0700

Greetings —

As one who has live here for many years and has been involved in local politics for at least 12 of them, I wanted to voice my thoughts regarding the upcoming railroad tracks debate.

It seems as if there are various options up for consideration.

In order to elevate the tracks, build up would need to occur some distance back from either Glenwood or Ravenswood thereby creating a wall. This may intrude on other crossing such as Encinal or Alma St. in Palo Alto. It would be difficult to envision the tracks remaining in their current position and dig an underpass. The geometry doesn't work. A blend would still create a wall of some kind.

In one of the option, Ravenswood becomes the main east west crossing. There is already enough traffic on this street today. If Oak Grove and Glenwood are blocked at the track, the amount of east west traffic has been greatly reduced. This will decrease the number of people patronizing downtown businesses if access has been reduced. The encroachment of downtown patronage has already stared with the reduction of parking on Oak Grove and Santa Cruz Avenues.

Lastly, what ever option is ultimately selected, I would hope the Council considers the passibility of fire vehicles not only from Menlo Fire but also other agencies so that they can easily access east-west flow.

I would hope that the Commission and Council consider a plan that has minimal impact to the city, creates multiple traffic flow avenues, allows for emergency vehicles to easily traverse the city, and doesn’t build a wall between east and west.


Bart Spencer
Received on Mon Sep 11 2017 - 16:16:54 PDT

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