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Fw: Critical Issue: Caltrain Railroad Tracks

From: domainremoved <Kristin>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 22:27:43 +0000 (UTC)

I fully agree with her idea below, I have been a resident of Menlo Park for 30 years and agree we need to have something done.  
Kristin Smith
Critical Issue: Caltrain Railroad Tracks


Fellow Residents

What we do with the Caltrain tracks is critical forMenlo Park’s future--to our traffic during and after construction, to ourability to get around.


The City Council and Planning Commission is beingasked to choose between two alternatives.  One bad.  Oneterrible.


The first, alternative A, would force all east-westtraffic onto Ravenswood, and block traffic, foot bike and auto, fromcrossingat Oak Grove and Glenwood. This is terrible.


The second would grade separate Ravenswood, Oak Groveand Glenwood, would create a solid 10- foot high wall along the tracks,andwould tie up traffic in the city for years. This is bad.


I beg you to beg the city council to at least reconsidera third alternative:

·      One that would not snarl the city in construction for years,negatively impacting traffic and retailers.

·      Would not create a solid wall along the tracks.

·      Would not create up and down hills under the tracks that wouldbe difficult to bike.

·      One that would open up—improve-- the city, hooray!!, and allowus to have vendors, or bike lockers, or parking, and to freely bike andwalkwhere the tracks are now.

·      One that could look attractive,

·      And that could overcome neighbor fear of train noise by being noisemitigated with buffers and privacy by using glass that can be coated ondemand.

The third alternative israising the tracks—in an open and attractive way.


Beg the City Council to have Caltrain recalibrate thegrades, so this third alternative is feasible.  The cost savingscouldjustify the savings of a new calibration study--in spades. Do notsacrifice ourcity to what we believe is a Caltrain mistake.


You can email the Planning Commission, which hears theissue Monday, at Planning.Commission_at_(domainremoved)

You can email the City Council at City.Council_at_(domainremoved)


I will let you know how each Commission and Councilmember votes—and how they rank their preferences.


Thanks as always, Lee Duboc (menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)


Staff Report showing alternatives:  http://menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/15466



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