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Dumbarton Transportation Corridor

From: domainremoved <Nina>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2017 08:19:52 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

Hi, Ms. Reggiardo

I am a Belle Haven resident in Menlo Park and as far as I can see, your agency’s plans for the bus and approach improvements were designed with utter disregard for our neighborhood which they would negatively impact.  It looks like the plan would both subject us to noise pollution and restrict our access to the rest of Menlo Park and the bay area while improving access only for people who live and work in other counties. 

If Willow Road becomes an expressway, how does that affect our ability to get in and out of our neighborhood?  Currently we have three exits to Willow, at Hamilton, Ivy and Newbridge (not that it does us a lot of good during the many hours each day that Willow is backed up).  Will we end up with less access to Willow, the way neighborhoods in Palo Alto have only intermittent access to Oregon Expressway?  

The only other way in and out of our giant cul-de-sac is Chilco, which is already congested for large parts of most days, and which it appears that SamTrans' development plans will further block.  Does it matter to SamTrans that people who live in San Mateo County have reliable (not to mention emergency!) access to more of San Mateo County than one tiny neighborhood?

The proposed flyovers would fly over our houses and public facilities.   How much noise would they subject us to for how many hours each day?  How much air circulation would they block from our homes, schools, parks and community center?  

The railroad right of way is suitable for uses that were once discussed but apparently abandoned, such as bicycle and walking paths, which the people who live here would use. Why did you instead decide to use them for privately owned buses meant to ferry out of town workers to Facebook, Google, etc?  We would have no access to those busses, which adds insult to injury.  We do not want them over and around us.

What other bus routes were considered?   Along Willow?  On the other side of Willow? Along Embarcadero?  Did you consider any routes that would go through industrial or commercial areas, where people don’t live?


Belle Haven people will not benefit from the proposed bus route around our neighborhood and don’t want it. I see little if any benefit to those of us who are already here from any of the proposed construction, and no attempt at mitigation.

You can do better.   

Nina Wouk

Received on Fri Sep 08 2017 - 08:26:34 PDT

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