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Please approve the plan for 500 El Camino

From: domainremoved <Jed>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 15:44:52 -0700

Dear City Council members,

I have been a homeowner in Menlo Park since 2004, and I would like to voice
not just my support, but my deep enthusiasm for the proposed project at 500
El Camino. It is my understanding that a vote on the term sheet with
Stanford University is on the agenda for tomorrow. Please approve the term
sheet so that Menlo Park can move forward with this plan for excellent use
of the southern stretch of El Camino in Menlo Park.

The site is such a logical location for the proposed mixed-use
development. It is a plan which will provide much-needed housing and
revitalizing retail and services in a location ideally situated to take
advantage of CalTrain. Additionally, the proposed tunnel will allow
residents and students from east-of-el-camino neighborhoods (like my
family) to have a far safer route to downtown amenities and schools. While
my enthusiasm primarily stems from the project's own merits, I would be
lying if I didn't also say that it will be a welcome correction to the
horrendous eyesore that El Camino has been for over a decade. Please do
not pass up this opportunity to finally provide Menlo Park the revitalized
mixed-use core it deserves.

Thank you,

Jed Crowe
Received on Mon Aug 28 2017 - 15:46:52 PDT

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