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traffic issues/bike lanes

From: Msgr. Steven Otellini <"Msgr.>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 16:53:29 -0700

Officer Rios,

                Today was the normal drop-off procedure for Nativity School.
Our staff observed problems especially with those exiting our lot after
dropping off students, and then trying to turn left onto Oak Grove. Traffic
stacks up waiting for the light to change on Laurel. Also, more
significantly cars turning left into our driveway cannot see small bikers in
their lane because they are blocked by the cars waiting for the light on
Laurel. Our principal observed two near accidents this morning which were
avoided only because she was there to signal the driver to stop. This is
only the first day of school.

                We were told that a traffic officer would be there to
observe the problems. None was visible in uniform. Our concern is that next
week, with our normal drop-off and pick-up times (coinciding with those of
the public schools), there are going to be further opportunities for
accidents if only on the first day two were nearly avoided!

                I think this issue needs to be communicated to the proper
agencies, especially those responsible for monitoring the bike lane
experiment. I noticed that Mike Tsai, the traffic engineer for the lanes no
longer works for Menlo Park. This problem is exactly one of the concerns we
voiced to him during their design phase of the experiment.


Msgr. Steven Otellini

Received on Fri Aug 25 2017 - 16:55:35 PDT

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