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requiring Stanford to help mitigate Sand Hill traffic noise as part of city approval of development proposal

From: Fyten, John <"Fyten,>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 22:08:54 +0000

As a Sharon Oaks homeowner whose home backs on Sand Hill, I believe that Stanford should be required to help mitigate noise caused by an increase in Sand Hill traffic due in large part to Stanford development, both proposed and in the recent past.

However, as a Sharon Oaks homeowner I firmly oppose increasing the height of the existing concrete wall on Sand Hill Road, which runs along my rear property line. While a taller wall would decrease traffic noise, it would also dramatically decrease natural light to the twelve back yards and homes along Sand Hill, darkening our homes and leaving our back yards just as uninviting as they are now. In addition, a freeway sound wall would visually pollute our neighborhood.

Sand Hill traffic noise is a real problem, but addressing it with a freeway sound wall is a simplistic solution that trades one problem for others as large or larger. I ask that Stanford's contribution to mitigating Sand Hill traffic noise be used in other ways, perhaps by dividing it equally among the twelve Sharon Oaks homeowners who live adjacent to the road, to be used by them individually for noise mitigation measures as they see fit.

Perhaps the city could allow homeowners who favor a taller wall to add to the existing wall that runs along their rear property line, so that those homeowners willing to trade natural light and view for a quieter back yard can do so without impacting their neighbors. While not an ideal solution, we face a less-than-ideal situation with no ideal solutions.

John Fyten
2455 Sharon Oaks Drive
Menlo Park

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