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CITY LIBRARY/Donation of Funds

From: Rose B. <"Rose>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 20:43:46 -0400

Menlo Park City Council Members
Mayor Kirsten Keith, Pro tem Peter Ohtaki
Catherine Carlton, Richard Cline and Ray Mueller

Dear City Council:

Re: Donation of Funds for New Construction
        for Existing Library.

I know a sizeable check of $25 million is something one would not want to turn away. I don't think
we are saying, don't accept it, as servants of this city, I question your moral responsibility to
make the right decisions on behalf of all citizens and neighborhoods of this city, how funds
are received and spent. If you cannot make those decisions without strings attached, then I
suggest you don't accept this $25 million. Philanthropists usually put their funds where it is
most needed. As we were told by our city manager, Mr. Arrillaga was not interested in
investing where it is most needed, within the same city! If that's the case where is the council
representing this city, step up and speak out! The Belle Haven (Bayside) community is without
an adult public library, and the most under served community in this city. Where is the priority??

Don't create a big debt for tax payers that are saying NO!

It seem morality hasn't been something that the city practices, is that not important any more?
You know as City Council alone with City Manager and City Attorney, are the ones that discuss,
toss suggestions about, and options around, on a regular basic.

I will not prolong my point. Being a resident of the bayside community (Northern part of this city)
for over 47 +years, I have gone through many councils, city managers, etc. and when you think
there is a Council that will represent the whole city, it just doesn't happen.

We, as a community just will not sit by and accept the discriminatory practices we see on a daily
basic. I don't have to point out the poor judgement that takes place when it come to distribution and
needs of this city, for all neighborhoods equally.

I am asking that a different approach be taken in accepting funds from any donor such as Mr. Arrillaga
or anyone else, we should decide according to real needs and not just wants throughout this city.


Rose Bickerstaff, R.E. Senior Consultant
Belle Haven Neighborhood Association
Direct: 650-283-4378
email: rb1014_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Tue Aug 22 2017 - 17:46:02 PDT

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