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Proposed improvements to the Main Library

From: domainremoved <Teresa>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 13:37:52 -0700

Hello, I'm writing to share my opinion on the proposed plan to rebuild our main library. I've lived in Menlo Park for 10 years now, the first three in the Allied Arts neighborhood and now in Belle Haven.

I take my children (ages 5 and 3) to the Main Library every two weeks, and we absolutely love it. (We would go to the Belle Haven library, but it always seems to be closed and the selection of non-fiction books is small and very outdated. Not to mention, no adult books for me!) I was impressed when Palo Alto rebuilt the Mitchell Park library, and I considered going there regularly, but after a few visits I stopped because Menlo Park has a far bigger and better selection of books. Yes, I would love to have our library look new and fancy, but more important to me is that the library continues to have great books and regularly gets new ones. I do hope we get a new Main library at some point, but I don't understand the rush.

To me a bigger priority is safe bike routes to school. My son will be starting kindergarten at Encinal in just two days. I've received multiple letters and emails urging Encinal parents to walk or bike their children to school because the roads get so congested. In order to do my part, and try to avoid the Facebook traffic in Belle Haven, I'm planning to bike my son to school via the bike bridge and Ringwood & Middlefield. I'm a bit apprehensive about taking my two small kids on those bike paths. I'm sure many other parents feel the same. Rather than giving our library a facelift, I would far prefer you continue to work on the safe routes to school plans.

Thank you very much!

::Teresa Murillo::
Received on Tue Aug 22 2017 - 13:40:06 PDT

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