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Belle Haven Library

From: domainremoved <carisa.cruz_at_>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 07:44:57 -0700

Hello City Council,

I live in Belle Haven with my husband and daughter and we love our neighborhood. What we do not love is the traffic that prevents us from getting to the other side of Menlo Park where all the amenities are (library, grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, restaurants, medical offices, etc.). Almost everything is on the west side of Menlo Park. It's oftentimes easier to go to redwood city than it is to get to the other side of town.

It feels as if our community of BelleHaven is isolated. Facebook has seemed to have taken over the area with continued plans for expansion, increasing the density of the area while not increasing the community services and amenities with a growing population.

I do appreciate the parks in our neighborhood, giving our kids a place to play and the classes offered at Onetta Harris. The library however has been a disappointment. I've tried to go multiple times for children's story time and the staff person who is supposed to do it is not there. To hear that the city is considering a new main library project while ignoring the needs of the Belle Haven library which is clearly understaffed further increases our feelings of isolation. Please do not go forward with this proposed project and use the city's money in a way that benefits the whole of the community.

Thank you,
Carisa Hamilton

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