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Problems with the Dumbarton Corridor Study

From: domainremoved <Andrew>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 05:34:54 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council,

The newly-released Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study
provides many fine recommendations for improving mobility and cutting car
traffic over the Dumbarton Bridge, including better cross-Bay bus service,
a revival of rail service across the Bay and express lanes on the bridge.
But a number of alarming and destructive proposals are also included in the

1. *Grade separations including massive flyover ramps* at Bayfront Expy &
University Ave, Bayfront Expry & Willow Rd, and Marsh Rd & Highway 101.
These are designed to carry not only bus traffic but also solo drivers over
the intersections, thus increasing their per-hour maximum capacity. Such
traffic capacity expansions have failed for decades to reduce congestion to
due the phenomenon of induced demand. They will also blight an area that is
currently one of natural beauty adjacent to San Francisco Bay.

2. *A tunnel under Willow Road* from Bayfront Expry to Highway 101. This is
an absolutely wasteful expenditure of public funds which will also do
nothing but encourage more solo driving, congesting Bayfront and Willow
even worse than they already are by encouraging more auto trips at a very
high cost.

3. *Replacing bike lanes will bus lanes on Willow Road.* The bicycling
network in Belle Haven is tenuous and incomplete as it is - removing a
critical link for bicycling on Willow Road is foolish and shortsighted,
especially because a much-improved Willow Rd & Highway 101 interchange with
physically separated multi-use paths is now under construction.

4. *Ignoring the great potential of a walking and bicycling path* along the
Dumbarton tracks between Redwood City and University Avenue. SamTrans
claims there isn't enough space for both bus lanes and a multi-use path.
FALSE, there is 100 feet of right of way, enough for two rail tracks, two
bus lanes, and a 12-foot wide multi-use path. A path would immensely
strengthen the weak networks for safe walking and bicycling in Belle Haven
and East Palo Alto and is a critically amenity that should be moved forward
to the next stage.

5. *No weekend bus service is proposed.* This is today a critical missing
piece of transit infrastructure that prevents many low-income weekend
workers from using buses to reach jobs on the Peninsula. Dumbarton
"Express" Buses should run all weekend and far more frequently during
weekdays than today's dismal hourly service.

Please direct SamTrans to modify the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Plan
to exclude grade separations and flyover ramps, preserve and expand
infrastructure for walking and bicycling, and include weekend bus service.
Thank You.

Sincerely, Andrew Boone

(image/jpeg attachment: Bayfront___Univeristy_Flyover.jpg)

(image/png attachment: Marsh_101_flyover_ramps.png)

Received on Tue Aug 22 2017 - 05:37:16 PDT

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