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Library Service Priorities

From: domainremoved <Judith>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2017 17:54:08 -0700

I am writing to add my voice to the discussion about how to ensure that
community priorities are the guiding principle behind capital project
plans. While I appreciate the generosity of a potential donor, if the
restricted nature of the gift causes the City to move ahead faster with
improvements to a City service with lower objective need than that in
Belle Haven, I am concerned that we will be, once again, not serving
those whose needs have been neglected over many years.
I live in the Willows neighborhood of Menlo Park, and also volunteer
with the ESL classes held at Belle Haven under the auspices of Project
Read. At a time when there is apparently discussion about reducing, the
Belle Haven evening classes, ironically in order to "extend" evening
library open hours for the very limited public open times that currently
exist, I find it disturbing that the prospect of a partial capital gift
could also cause redirection of scarce staff and capital resources into
the part of our community that is already better served. A major library
improvement project would inevitable suck up a large majority of staff
and funding options,leaving Belle Haven to, yet again, be relegated to
second class status and continue to put up with seriously lagging
library and literacy services.
Please make sure that priorities are driven by the most serious need and
respect for a neighborhood and population that has not historically been
at the forefront of significant improvements in City services.

Judith Jones
Elliott Drive, Menlo Park.
Received on Mon Aug 21 2017 - 17:56:11 PDT

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